VLab is a privately held research and development company focused on the creation of advanced technology related to the rapidly expanding digital video streaming market, as well as advanced human-computer interfaces.

Incorporated in 2002, VLab has developed a core suite of software and a prototypical system for use in pre-commercialisation and business development.

The VLab System architecture is derived from Neural Network principles of invertebrate and avian vision systems and implemented as a multi-tiered multi-threaded set of intercommunicating subsystems distributed over a digital IP network.

VLab's suite of applications can process distributed data for:

    Streaming Video: (multi-camera, 60,90,180,360 deg cameras, custom compression and image analysis)
    Large Scale Communications Networks: (Video conferencing, MultiPlayer Gaming)
    Large Scale Video Surveillance: (supporting thousands of cameras, tracking object across locations)

The primary VLab software modules, which can be integrated with hardware as turnkey systems/solutions:

    MCE - Multi-Channel Engine (transcoding kernal)
    VPS - Viewer Priority Streaming (network protocols)
    VPTS - Viewer Priority Tracking System (multi object tracking)
    IIIE - Immersive Interactive Image Environment (advanced situation awareness)